Teddy Boy Lamp With Cable


Teddy Boy indoor lamp is the item that embodies an object which is in everybody’s memory: a teddy bear. With human traits and a sewed eye, it tells a story of an icon of childhood serenity.

Colour option: Light blue, Light Pink, White, Light Green, Lime.

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The new pop icon, tender and fun at the same time, was designed in two versions: Boy & Girl. Teddy Boy winks at the old toy with an irreverent attitude that mixes teddy bear’s traits with “almost human” features. The luminous bear thus expands the large Qeeboo family made of objects out of the ordinary which play with colors and different finishes. Teddy Boy is available in both matte and metallic finishes.

Material: Polyethylene

EU cable plug

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Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 35 × 21 × 32 cm